If Your Barrel Prospect Could Talk

I have this sweet, adorable, little two year old filly that I am in the baby stages of showing the barrel pattern to. I think she is the cutest filly in the world because she is MINE! I love her, and I force her to let me hug all over her and spoil her rotten because she is minnnnne. 

BUT, today, somewhere between loping sweet, picture perfect circles and trotting a beautiful counter arc, the wind blew right up her precious tail and I saw a brand new side of my adorable little barrel prospect… 

Here is my attempt at the dialog that went through her tiny, little precious brain today while we attempted to learn something about barrels…

“What the hecccck was that?! What WAS that?!! IT WAS COLD! And it blew my tail UP! 

Whew! I’m still alive, maybe I should run? 

Definitely RUN!! 

Mom we have to RUN! I can’t run when you hold my head that way!! 

Ugh! Is that your SPUR? 

How could you?? 

Oh. Trot. That’s right, we were trotting. 

Ok trot. Trot trot trot. 

Barrel. Ughhhh why are we going around this barrel again? 

Oh great another one… annnnd another. 

HA! I don’t want to lope! 

How do you like this fast trot?! 

Maybe if I try that bucking thing… 

oh ouch! ouch! Ok I won’t!!!

Lope. Ok we’re loping. Lope lope lope. 

WHOAAA, I didn’t see that branch there before!!! 

What kind of mean trick is that?! 

Is there some tiny monster roaming around putting branches in places they don’t belong?! 

Oh. We’re doing that barrel circling thing! 

This is fun!!  

Ok seriously, riding two year olds can be pretty comical some days. But if they all didn’t have their own personalities and quirks, this job wouldn’t be nearly as fun! 

They really do grow up eventually, so I can laugh off their goofy mistakes and attempts at getting out of work. It’s all part of it, might as well have a sense of humor about it! 

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