Robbie Phillips Saddle Review

Ok let me just be real for a second. Sometimes I feel guilty when I buy something new or treat myself to something. I feel like I have to justify it or tell everyone that it was on sale to make it seem like I wasn’t splurging too much. 

How ridiculous is that? Why should I feel any way other than excited about something new that I have worked hard to get? 

I guess I never want to give the impression that I want to show off or flaunt anything. So I keep it to myself mostly when I buy something new. 

But my most recent purchase I can’t keep to myself! I’ve been given the opportunity to share my experience with a saddle company and give you my honest opinion about the whole buying experience with them. 

Last fall I had a chance to ride in a Robbie Phillips saddle and I fell in love. I have tried so many different saddles in the last couple years in an attempt to find one that would fit me and work for multiple horses. 

I’m a little particular about the way a saddle fits me. I like a higher cantle, 4.5-5″, and I like forward slung stirrups that prevent me for getting pitched forward during a run. I like to have a little more room in the seat than most people because I like to be able to sit deep in the saddle through the turns. 

The Robbie Phillips saddle I tried was all of that and more! So I went ahead and ordered one of my own. I got the 7″ standard gullet because I ride a lot of young horses and they are rarely wide enough to need a tree that is wider or flatter than the 7″ standard. 

I picked out the design of my saddle and told Robbie all the specifics that I wanted. He double checked with me on everything and got me all squared away. 

After dealing with ordering custom saddles from other companies in the past I was really impressed with how easy it was to get ahold of Robbie and his genuine customer service. 

The saddle arrived about a week ago and I couldn’t be more happy with it. The fit is awesome on my horses. I can pad up my more narrow, racey style horses with a 1″ wool pad or use a 1/2″ or 3/4″ wool pad to accommodate the wider backed horses. So far they have all had even sweat marks with no dry spots or ruffled hair. 

It’s really comfortable and secure for me too. I have just enough room in the seat and lots of support with the 5″ cantle. The stirrups feel really balanced and forward. The pommel is high enough and wide enough to help keep me from getting too far in front of the saddle but not so high and wide that it’s in my way. 

Besides fit and comfort, it is beautiful and so well made. The leather is such nice quality and all the finishes are awesome. I went with a really simple, all rough out design with a hard seat and pencil roll. I added strings and antique copper conchos to finish it off. Robbie suggested doing some tooling around the edges to give it a more finished look and I really like how that turned out!

Over all I couldn’t be happier with my saddle and can’t wait to replace my other saddles with more from Robbie Phillips Saddlery. 

If you are interested in ordering a Robbie Phillips Saddle, please get ahold of me, I would love to help you. 

Every order that is placed through me before July 1st will be entered to win a custom headstall! 

Feel free to text me at 231-942-8921

Or email me at 

Keep in touch with me on Facebook at JE Performance Horses LLC!

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