When Your Enough Isn’t Enough For Everyone Else

So you gave it your best.

You put in the effort.

You tried.


Nobody saw you try.

Nobody gave you a pat on the back, or said “good effort, buddy”

You just came up short and all anyone noticed was the failure.

Except Jesus.

He saw your sleepless nights, your desperate prayers. He noticed that time you mustered up your last ounce of courage to try one more time.

He picked you up and dusted you off when you fell short, yet again.

Failure is a part of life. It is as much as part of life as breathing. And those who have not experienced the sting of it, have narrowly escaped only by playing it safe.

The bigger the leap, the bigger the fall.

Leap anyway.

TRY anyway.

Give it your best shot, because in then end, no matter the outcome, nobody can take away from you that you did your best.

I’m preaching to the choir today because failure is all too familiar to me. Sure I’ve had some success here and there, I’ve made some great friend and great connections along the way.

But at the relationships that matter most in life, I have often come up short.

But maybe Jesus allows failure to keep us humble. Maybe he allows us to absolutely suck at some areas of life so that we never feel that we could get by without fully relying on Him.

Maybe God allows me to fail so that someone half way across the world will read this and go running back to Him.

Whatever it may be, having the peace of mind that I gave it my best shot, and the knowledge that only place I need to fall is into the arms is Jesus is enough for me.

Whether we are talking, barrel racing, relationships, competition or business I can say with confidence that when you have given it your best shot, that is enough. It may not be enough for the people around you, but to the only audience that matters, it is enough.

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