The Morning Routine Trap

This morning was one of those mornings when my alarm went off for the third time, and once again I hit the snooze

Beep beep beep beep

Fourth time..


I yawned, stretched, rolled over, thought about all things I needed to do today, instantly felt overwhelmed and laid there drifting back to sleep.

Beep beep beep

Alright, I’ll get up.

Coffee. I need coffee.

Scroll through Facebook

Check my messages

Look at Instagram

Stare blankly into space while the coffee is brewing.

Morning routines are habits that set up your decision making for the entire day. I have always been slow to wake up and get going in the mornings.

Remember dial up internet? Remember surfing the web for hours and only being able to load two websites? That’s how mornings feel to me. Like I’m downloading… downloading… downloading… yawn.

I was thinking this morning about taking aim with a bow and arrow and how I’d like to compare my mornings to that rather than dial up internet.

With a bow and arrow you draw back slowly, add tension, line up, pick your target, then let the arrow fly.

If my mornings looked like this, I would start with prayer. Draw back slowly, talk to God about my day, ask for grace, thank Him for the blessings I have…

I would line up, think about a handful of important things I have to get done without cluttering up my day with unimportant tasks.

I would pick my target, what can I do that day that will put me closer to my ultimate goals, and Gods purpose for my life? Where is He asking me to aim? Then I’d let the arrow fly and jump into action.

I can’t imagine how different my day could go if I started it out like a marksman with a purpose.

Time to kick my dialup internet to the curb and take aim at what really matters.

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